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Guidance2Freedom is able to help you walk the path to fulfill your inner potential and improve your quality of life. We offer a wide range of services to help our clients, including NLP coaching, hypnosis services, and reiki energy healing.

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Rubeth is certified NLP Coach & NLP Practitioner by The American Board of NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioner Certified by The American Time Line Therapy Association. She is also Certified member of the Alternative Balance Professional Group.

I have a rich experience connecting with the subconscious mind, this means I can guide you to identify unhealthy and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the life you want to experience. The good news is that those limiting beliefs that we all have gathered without even noticing from parents, family & society during our childhood can be released and replaced for new ones with the correct guidance.

I’m proficient in connecting with the subconscious mind on a deep level and replacing limiting beliefs for others that you will unfold while advancing in the program, I will design for your specific needs. The mix of techniques I use blended with my personal approach are powerful, and will help you to achieve real & lasting results, even if you did other type of efforts and didn’t work.

Of course, all starts with your decision and willingness to give yourself the opportunity to live the life you deserve.

My Passion and Purpose

My purpose is to uplift people to discover their true potential and guide them in a journey full of learnings towards living their best life! I am extremely passionate offering such services which is deeply gratifying for me as I have seen unique results in everyone I have worked with and of course in myself.

And yes! It is possible to set yourself free from your own limitations and thought patterns that we all have but often don’t know how to manage. You are here because you are ahead from others, you already know that you need a change and you’re willing to do your part to make your dream come true! 

Most of our actions and reactions are performed subconsciously, sort of making decisions and choices being on autopilot. That’s why, when we say to ourselves that, we want to react differently next time that a specific event comes… and when it comes we cannot! That is demotivating, but you have to know that is not your fault! There is no information about this, and people and society tent to ignore or simply people don’t know how efficient this can be!

When I discovered how amazing this work is I was blown away! That’s why I’m so excited sharing my techniques and gifts with you, so you can experience a real positive shift, like I did in my personal life. I want to enable you to drive your own life experience the way you have always wanted and desired.

Freedom Coach – What is that?

As a Freedom Coach, I am highly skilled in techniques supporting individuals to transform and grow their personal lives in the direction they ambition. I am certified to utilize different modalities to have real results, results you can experience if you decide to do so.

With my guidance, you will have transformational experiences while gathering learnings directly in the subconscious, where all learnings and changes are made.

While advancing in my programs, you will deeply understand how your mind and body interact with each other and how these interactions lead to specific emotions and understanding, why you react and act in a specific way? Experiencing this will transform your life forever.

You will know things that you weren’t able to understand before while having permanent changes that will lead you to live your life connected with your own greatness!

How does my programs work?

As I have told you before I will design a specific program for your needs, but basically, we will dive into main areas of your life with the help of NLP technology, subconscious work, light hypnotherapy and several techniques I have learned and develop over the years attending seminars, classes, programs, certifications also traveling the world learning from different cultures and masters in specific fields and then of course helping clients in a deep level!

You will discover what your beliefs and core values are those you have acquired without even noticing from your parents, society and the conclusions you have made without realizing them.

With my guidance, you will be able to replace them to achieve peace of mind – and FREEDOM. The freedom to choose how to react, to act and make choices that are align with your newly acquired beliefs your main values and learnings.

Life is complete and best when you are the master of your own mind, feelings and life! Life is much more than trying and trying to get there. You deserve to be happy, for you and your loved ones!

You deserve living your life to the fullest. Is it possible?

Absolutely! It is for me, so it is for you.

Freedom Program 1.1

8 sessions in person | 90 minutes per session


Session 1

  • Connect and I learn about your life experiences, wants and needs
  • Learn about your unique and recurring thought patterns
  • Introduction to relaxation techniques

Session 2

  • Understanding your thought patterns and their origins
  • Visualization & imaging techniques for relaxation and self-love
  • Introduction of light hypnotherapy

Session 3

  • You will choose 4 main areas out of 10 life categories in which we will focus to discover beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your wants, needs & dreams.
  • ​Practice moving along time to connect with peaceful and joyful stages of life
  • Self-worth & value system

Session 4

  • We will work on identifying past experiences through special techniques. I will use an effective therapy to re-program feelings like anger, sadness, fear, frustration and more (In most of cases people start having new positive reactions to same events after this session)

Session 5

  • We will continue working with the same technique to identify emotions that have been holding you back in your growth & achieving your goals

Session 6

  • Open to work with new realizations that came through the past sessions.

Session 7

  • Dive deep to discover and or empower the new beliefs.
  • Re-pattering
  • Review progress and realization of your growth

Session 8

  • Connect with yourself and assist you to clear your vision
  • Dive deep to discover and or empower the new belief
  • Support systems and self-development

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Servicing Mar Vista, CA and surrounding areas!

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